Saturday, May 10, 2014

1st Red Sox Game

An 8 years old's dream comes true…...
Happy Birthday Mitchell!
On his way to his first game with Daddy!
The Red Sox played the Twins (fitting!!!)

Doesn't get much better than this! 

WE WON!!!! And He saw his first grand slam!
Way to go Johnny Gomes!

What a wonderful birthday present for our little dude!!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

West Haven U9 Lax

Mitchell's 2nd game and he scored 2 goals!!!!!

Wearing Nana's favorite number!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Happy Easter!!!!!
Let the egg hunt begin!

The Egg Hunt Contestants:
Mitchell T, Erin Elizabeth, Laney Lu, Baby Adam and Ry Guy!

Miss Delaney had to wear her ears like she does every year, I think she thinks they bring her luck!

 The twins with their loot!
Holy eggs!

Baby Adam loved walking around the patio and throwing the eggs!
Maybe next year Adam!

Easter Egg Hunt was a success!
5 tied winners at this years Egg Hunt.
Wow noe that is amazing!

Mitchell with his Mar
Another great Easter!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Delaney's day in the City

Happy 8th Birthday Laney Lu!!!
Where does every 8 year old girl want to spend her birthday?
(ok months after her birthday but we finally got there)

 Delaney with Laney (doll of the year 2010)
A day in the City with your friends,
lunch at the store and some shopping!!!!
Who is better than Delaney?!?!

At lunch with Laney, she had her own seat and plate,
so cute!

Delaney & Laney and Erin & Skylar!
Erin and Skylar even had the same outfit on!

Lunch with some friends!
Nora (Bella), Delaney (Laney), Erin (Skylar) and Lydia (Olivia)

5 hours later of shopping for clothes, getting hair done and Laney Doll even
got her ears pierced we (the Moms) were beat!
And look who we found at Grand Central…..
What a lucky guy he is, he may not know it now but he will soon! :)

Great time for everyone!!!!!

Stay tuned to see what Mitchell gets to do for his birthday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

RIP Ruca

Billy and I had to say goodbye to our 1st baby tonight….

He was a great dog who brought this whole family love and affection!
17 years this dog was by our sides through an engagement, new condo,
wedding, moving back to my mom's house, a new house, and the birth of his brother and
sister, the Twins!

Go run in the waves and chase the birds!
We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge!
You will never be forgotten!

We love you Ruca!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Irish Step Dancing Parade & Recital 2014

All the Irish eyes are smiling!
Ella, Delaney, Lydia, Nora and Erin

Mommy and Lu

Cousins at the parade

Great Job DD!!!!!

A little blurry but they are in there!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sled Riding on ANOTHER snow day

Can Delaney and Erin be any louder?????

Mitchell's FIRST time on a snow board!
Sign him up for the Winter Olympics in 2018

D in the snow

Borrowed this board from a boy at the hill!
First time< not too bad!

Is it time for some Hot Cocoa?????

OK, Seriously we are done with snow and would like
to be playing on the beach and in the sand
than this junk!!!!!
Stay warm!!!

. . . . . Delaney & Mitchell

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The Lives of Our Twins